Who's MADE? Who's BEYOND? And what about SUCCESS?

MADE BEYOND SUCCESS endeavours to develop a perspective that goes beyond success. More than success? Yes. Success is often a number, a fixed point, a result one seeks. And then what happens? What comes once success is attained? What if I have finally landed my dream job? What if I finally found that sought-after partnership? What happens when I finally sign the contract I have been working towards?

This is why we pursue coaching, mentoring and support beyond the moment of achievement, at both the corporate and personal level. We have focused on continuous progress and constant change. We relentlessly seek to develop ourselves, and with us, also our customers and clients.

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We take advice personally and shape it with our personality.


has been working as a coach and mentor for over 20 years. She advises people and businesses through individual and group discussions, as well as at local and international seminars. Her strengths lie in a concrete and clear discourse, and in her passion for fruitful implementation. She avoids the somewhat cryptic lingo of the industry, and relies instead on an understandable, direct language.


boasts and extended experience in communication and marketing in both the agency and consulting sectors. He is particularly focused on consultancy, strategy and creative implementation. His strengths include creativity, inventiveness and the openness to always find the most suitable solution for the task at hand.

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